The 2020 Migration Guide

Best Practices Guide for Successful Server Migrations to AWS or Azure in 2020

In this guidebook, we'll go over the key considerations your organization needs to know to successfully migrate servers to AWS or Azure

Get the inside scoop on these 5 core components:

  • Cloud Readiness Workshop
  • Establish a Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Migration Planning
  • Project Management
  • Migration Paths

Better Cloud Management

How to Take Your First Steps

In this guidebook, we’ll outline everything you need to know about taking your first steps toward better cloud management. Learn about:

  • The different models for cloud management
  • Cloud management platforms
  • How to analyze and access different platforms for your specific needs

How to Monitor Your Applications and Infrastructure 

Many problems go undetected for quite some time, only because IT departments have not come to grips with what it means to monitor their assets in the cloud.

Need help? In this guidebook, we’ll outline everything you need to know about monitoring your apps and infrastructure. Learn about:

  • KPIs
  • Alerts
  • Cost Impacts

Three Reasons Organizations Fail to Optimize Cloud Costs

Step by step guidebook

Optimizing IT budgets is a priority for many IT leaders, and public clouds like AWS and Azure can help the organization slash their cloud computing costs. There are several reasons why an enterprise might fail to properly cost optimize their cloud environments. Among the most common are:

  • Knowledge
  • Visibility
  • Time

5 Critical Things To Consider Before Cloud Migration

Are you checking all the boxes?

The decision to move critical pieces of your business into the cloud is a big one, especially if you haven’t already made this jump.

The potential for downtime, exorbitant costs, and security threats are all legitimate concerns. Many of those can be mitigated by finding the right cloud migration partner, but even before that step, there is work to do. So where do you start?


4 Ways to Evaluate Potential Cloud Migration Partners

The Covid-19 outbreak of 2019-2020 is the perfect example of why more and more companies are transitioning critical parts of their business to the cloud, increasing the flexibility of their teams’ collaboration, service delivery, and overall business continuity.

In this guidebook, we'll cover the four critical areas you'll want to evaluate when choosing your cloud migration partner.


3 Ways to Fail After Migrating to the Cloud 

What’s holding you back from migrating to the cloud?

Is it the upfront investment? The lack of internal expertise on your team? Or maybe a fear of getting it wrong?

Don’t worry, here are three of the most common pitfalls, so you’ll know what to keep an eye out for as you get started.